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Credit Reports

What Is A Credit Report?

A Credit Report is obtained from the U.S. Credit Bureaus, it provides summary and detail information related to a person’s financial liabilities. In essence an indicator of financial responsibility.

Why Run This Search?

When a credit report is run as part of the employment screening process, it is usually for one of two reasons:

  • The subject of the search will be working with money or finances of the employer and the employer may want to make sure that they are fiscally responsible.
  • In other cases, an employer considers the credit report another piece of character information. For example, if a person does not take their financial liabilities seriously, it may say something about their level of overall responsibility as a potential employee.

How Long Does It Take To Run A Credit Report?

When a corporate account is set up and credit reports are authorized as a search option, once ordered online results are instant.

How Does An Employer Get Authorized To Run Credit Reports?

For your company to access credit reports from your online menu a one time inspection of your office must be conducted. Prudent Protection Service, provides high quality, cost-effective, on-site physical inspections to validate both business legitimacy and intent. With thousands of inspectors located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we can complete inspections within 3-5 days from your request.

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