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Prudent Armed & Unarmed Security Services

Real Security Professionals,

Active & Retired Law Enforcement Officers...

Prudent Protection Service, Inc. Works with our clients as true partners to develop and provide custom designed security and private protection programs to meet their specific needs.

We can provide both armed and unarmed dark-suit executive protection, corporate

blazer or plain clothes personnel as required. For your personal safety, home or business.

Executive Protective Agents received executive and dignitary protection training from extensive courses sponsored by the Executive Protection Institute.

Graduates of The Executive Protection Institute.

Certified,PPS (Personal Protection Specialist)

Security Agents are also trained in executive protection and security by schools and organizations such as John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Lion Investigation Academy, S.B.I. Academy, International Foundation for Protection Officers, American Society for Industrial Security, and many others.

From the moment we receive your request for proposal, we focus on working with you to ensure that the solution we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effectiveness and cost efficiency.

What We Offer?

  • Executive Protection
  • Security Consulting
  • Office Buildings
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Jewelry Transportation
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Special Events Security
  • Restaurant Security
  • Loss Prevention Service
  • Plainclothes or Undercover Personnel
  • Private Parties, Weddings and Social events
  • Armed and Unarmed Protective Agent
  • Certified Fireguards/Fire Safety Directors

And many more...                           

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes, P.P.S. Inc. is licensed by NY State Dept. Of State, Bonded & Insured to conduct security services, pre-employment screening, and background checks.

2. Q: Why should I choose your security and pre-employment screening services?

A: All P.P.S. Inc. protective agents and search specialist are Real Security Professionals, Active & Retired law Enforcement Officers properly screened, trained, educated & licensed

Security Professionals.

3. Q: How extensive is violence in the work place?

A: Work place violence has been called “epidemic” with estimates ranging from one million to two million workers experiencing violent victimization every year. Murder in the work place is the fastest growing type of homicide in this country.

4. Q: What does the term due diligence mean? And how does this affect the employer?

A: The legal description of the duty of care is called due diligence. The employer’s duty to exercise due diligence means the employer must consider if a potential new employee represents a risk to others in view of the nature of the job.

5. Q: Do employers face the same exposure from vendors, independent contractors, or temporary employees?

A: Yes, the law is absolutely clear that if a vendor or Independent contractor harms a member of the public or a c o-worker, the employer is just as liable as if the person were on the employer’s payroll.

6. Q: What security problems exist in protecting V.I.P.’s corporate executives and political


A: The problems that exist in providing personal security include, the principle’s (protectee) mobility and lack of concern and the potential for threats, assaults, blackmail, harassment or kidnapping.

7. Q: Can you explain shrinkage from a loss prevention standpoint?

A: Shrinkage refers to lost assets, the “enemy from within”- the dishonest employee who systematically depletes a company’s assets and causes shrinkage. Losses may be incurred due to employees actually stealing or because they are not performing their duties properly. Internal theft may account for up to 70% of all shrinkage.

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