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Criminal Records

Criminal Record searches are usually the most common part of the background check. When ordering these types of checks it is important to understand that there are choices to be made

that will determine:

  1. How extensive the check will be
  2. How long will it take to run the check
  3. What types of offenses may be found
  4. How far the check will go back

Criminal records can be checked on the federal, state, and county level. The most accurate searches cover all three. In addition, records can be searched in over 200 countries.

Federal Criminal Records Search

You can do a search of Federal district courts for convictions of crimes that occurred on federal property and convictions of federal laws such as tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations and postal offenses. Records provide a criminal history from the date of disposition, parole or release from imprisonment. When this search is ordered in any jurisdiction of a state, we search the entire state.

State / Multi-State Criminal Records Search

You can do a criminal search of one or multiple State criminal databases. Search results vary based on jurisdiction from felony convictions only, to details including records from traffic courts and Sex Offender Registries. Click here to see description

County Criminal Record Search

County Criminal Searches are considered the most detailed level of criminal record searching. Typically, we recommend our clients search the counties where your subject lived during the last 7 years. Any AKA’s (other names they may have used) that are identified in an applicant’s Social Security Trace should also be searched as part of the criminal records search for the highest level of accuracy

International Criminal Records Search

Criminal records can be searched in many countries around the world. For more information contact Prudent Protection Service, Inc.

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