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Prudent Background Checks

What Is A Background Check?

A Background check is one or more searches of public or proprietary records in order to find

out more about an individual or company.

When are Background checks run?

Most often background checks are run on an individual as part of an employment screening

process to determine if the subjects of the search is eligible for employment, retention, or


Each search option comes from different sources, provides different information, and takes

different amounts of time to complete.




 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does background screening delay hiring?

A: No. Background screening is normally done in just 48 to 72 hours.

2. Q: What does the term due diligence mean? And how does this affect the employer?

A: The legal description of the duty of care is called due diligence. The employer’s duty to exercise due diligence means the employer must consider if a potential new employee represents a risk to others in view of the nature of the job.

3. Q: What information do I need to obtain a criminal record report on an individual?

A: A person’s name and date of birth is required in most counties and states to run a criminal check. If possible, also provide the applicant’s social security number to increase the likelihood of a matching record.

4. Q: Do employers face the same exposure from, vendors, independent contractors, or temporary employees?

A: Yes, the law is absolutely clear that if a vendor or independent contractor harms a member of the public or a co-worker, the employer is just as liable as if the person were on the employer’s payroll.

5. Q: Do I need permission from my applicant to perform a criminal records search?

A: If you are an individual and are searching for criminal records on another individual, you do not need consent, as these are Public records. If you are an employer and you want to check criminal or any other types of records as part of the employment process, the Fair Credit Reporting Act state that you need to have written consent from your subject.

6. Q: How soon will I receive the results of a criminal record search?

A: Depending on the county or state being searched the turnaround time can vary from one to five business days.

7.Q: How far back does the data from a criminal search go?

A: Most courthouses and criminal data suppliers hold records for at least seven years.

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