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Social Security Trace

The Social Security Trace and past Address History Search checks the validity of an applicant’s Social Security Number against Credit Bureau Databases. The trace also identifies AKA’s (also known as) that have been used other names that are attached to the social security number.

Why Run The Search?

SSN Traces serve two purposes:

1. They verify that the name and SSN you were provided go together.

2. An address history report is produced so you can see where the person has lived usually for the past 7 years.

Using the address history report you will know where to search for criminal records. Your Background Check software should be able to put together a suggested order for you based on this information.

Why Do Some Reports Come Back No Records?

When the report comes back “No Record Found” this usually means the individual does not have any credit information on file. This is common if the person you are searching is young or new to the country and may not have any credit accounts open.

In this case you have two options:

1. You can ask the person to produce their Social Security card and a photo ID and make a judgment as to if it looks valid.

2. You can contact the Social Security Administration if the person is already hired. If you indicate to the Social Security Administration that is a job applicant they will not verify any information for you

To contact the Social Security Administration

Call (800) 772-6270 7am-7pm EST

They will ask:

  • Your company name and Tax ID number
  • SSN of the person
  • Name of person
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

Why Do Some Social Security Trace Reports Have Errors?

Unfortunately, due to credit bureau errors there are some inaccuracies in these reports.

The good news is that 99% of the time this is nothing to be worried about as the errors have occurred due to a data entry mistakes at the Credit Bureau.

A common mistake occurs when someone you don’t know got linked to your SSN or someone you do know got linked to you perhaps due to sharing an address or doing a joint financial application.

Again, their errors cannot usually hurt you in any way as they are just Credit Header Data and not your financial data. If you like to be sure of this, just run your Credit Report and make sure it looks like it is supposed to.

If you would like to correct the errors in your report, we cannot correct them for you as we do not control the credit header database. However, we will do our part to get their information to the database provider. Use the contact form located at:

Detail on the form what errors should be changed. We will get acknowledgment of your request back to you within 2 business days.

If I Have A Name Can I Find A Social Security Number?

Due to privacy laws, we do not provide searches for social security numbers. We only run social security verification and traces where the SSN is provided by the customer.

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