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Drug Screening

What Is Drug Testing?

There are several different ways to test a person for drugs. The most common procedure is to run a 5 to 10 panel drug test after collecting a urine sample.

How Is Drug Testing Conducted?

The following is a common practice:

1. Order a drug-screening search online by signing into your background check accoun

2. Provide the applicant with the drug testing forms and test location so that they can go provide a urine sample (there are over 2200 locations nationwide that we use.

3. Once a urine sample is provided, it goes with a Chain of Custody form to the lab for testing.

4. Results should be back to you in 3 business days by email.

What Types Of Drugs Might The Test Reveal?

Prudent Protection Service, Inc. Typically recommends a 10 Panel Drug Screen. This will test for the following substances:



Marijuana (THC)

Phencyclidine (PCP)







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